Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport

About the airport

Alfredo Vásquez Cobo is an international airport located in the municipality of Leticia - the capital of the department of Amazonas  - in Colombia. The presence of this airport is essential for the local population, isolated in the Amazonian forest, in particular due to the inadequacy of land transport infrastructure in this part of the country. It is named in honor of General Alfredo Vásquez Cob of the Vásquez Cobo-Martins treaty concluded between Colombia and Brazil, delimiting the border between the two countries bordering on the east and south the territory of Leticia.
Air links between Bogota and Leticia and other cities with no airfields, but near the banks of large rivers, were done by amphibious aircraft beginning in 1948. At that time the aircraft used was the Catalina PBY, which was slow enough and had low capacity. The Ministry of War through the Department of Civil Aviation in 1950 took the initiative to carry out operations in an effort to build an aerodrome in the city to receive public aircraft.
In 1955 Aerodrome Empresa Colombiana began planning the construction of a new airport on the banks of the Amazon River, which included deep surveys, design and construction of roads, early construction by draining existing dams, and logging forest using equipment imported directly from New York. Because there is no port in the area, wooden rafts are used to lower engines from freight ships to the mainland.
The construction of the international airport in Leticia spent central government funds of $87 million for all the work and was inaugurated by President Misael Pastrana in 1974 and inaugurated under the name Alfredo Vasquez Cobo in honor of the Republican General, who fought and successfully defended the national sovereignty over the rainforest Amazon in conflict with Peru.