Alfredo Vásquez Cobo International Airport

About the city

Leticia is a city in Colombia, capital of the department of Amazonas. It is the southernmost city in Colombia, as well as its only large harbor on the river. It has an altitude of 96 meters above sea level and an average temperature of 27 °C. Letícia has been the Colombian expedition site for tropical fish for aquarium trade. The city has approximately 37,000 inhabitants, on the left bank of the Amazon River, and at the point where the border between Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet in an area called Three Borders.
It is located on the Amazon trapeze. Although it is far, almost isolated, from the main Colombian cities, it is an important fluvial and commercial port with Brazil and Peru. In it, 60% of the population of the department of Amazonas lives. It has the most diverse indigenous communities, such as Huitotos, Incas, Tucano, and Ticunas. The city has a strong population growth and is technically forming a single city with the Brazilian city of Tabatinga.

Glimpse of the city